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We Perform Expert HVAC Repairs for Washington, D.C./Baltimore and Northern VA Clients

Horizon Mechanical Services LLC’s technicians have all completed a five-year training program through local 602, learning all facets of commercial and industrial HVAC service. That’s why you’ll receive unparalleled service when you call us for HVAC repairs in Washington/Baltimore and Northern VA. We repair all makes of air conditioning equipment, and maintain factory-certification from Desert Aire, Stulz, Aaon, Carrier, WattMaster, Daikin, and Sanyo.

We Work on a Wide Array of HVAC Equipment

Our technicians work skillfully and quickly to reduce the downtime that accompanies broken chillers, boilers, and cooling towers. Our goal is to quickly fix your issue and protect your assets, keeping your employees and customers happy. We can work on rooftop units up to 120 ton, centrifugal and rotary screw chillers, and refrigeration equipment and boilers. We also provide year-round 24-hour emergency service to our customers.

We Get the Job Done Safely

We are committed to working safely. During HVAC repairs, our technicians observe all state and federal laws and regulations set forth by OSHA, DOT, and the EPA. Additionally, we have installed safety programs for our technicians designed to reduce accidents and keep your repairs safe and efficient. Our technicians are trained to work in confined spaces and with hot materials, protect themselves from falls, safely handle electrical elements, and safely operate ladders and construction equipment. Our experience and commitment are why you can trust Horizon Mechanical Services LLC to complete your project professionally.

person with tool belt and gloves holding a meter

How Can We Help You?

Many business owners and property managers are unaware that their HVAC system is in need of repairs until the system completely shuts down. There are warning signs, however, and these signs can help you get the ball rolling on repairs before suffering a disruption in production. They include:

  • Cool spots throughout your building
  • Rising electric bills
  • Noisy equipment
  • Complaints from your employees, customers, and tenants
  • Reduced air quality
  • Strange smells
metal knobs and pipes in boiler room of building

We have years of experience performing repairs and replacing boilers and burners. Our expertise allows us to provide unparalleled service to our clients. We can:

  • Convert oil systems to gas-powered systems
  • Repair and clean boilers
  • Repair and tune up burners
  • Analyze the combustion of your system
  • Repair boiler controls and wiring
  • Replace heat exchangers
  • Work on steam trap and water treatment systems
  • Replace existing boilers and boiler operators
smiling employee on top of a roof with other employees installing hvac system

Our Technicians Are Skilled At Finding Solutions to Your Issues

HVAC repair is a complicated series of diagnostic and repair steps. We have over 30 years of experience working with HVAC systems of all kinds and brands. Regardless of your issues, we can provide repairs like:

  • Overhauls to centrifugal chillers
  • Replacement of compressors and other vital parts
  • Disassembly and resealing of burner sections with a new rope.
  • Fine-tuning of air volume system performance
  • Fixes to failed package cooling equipment
  • Repairing the control system of your HVAC unit

Take the First Step to a More Efficient Cooling System